Quintin Regestein

Quentin Regestein grew up in the NYC exurbs, studied at Dartmouth College, received medical training at McGill and Harvard, spent two years in neurophysiological research at the Holloman Air Force Base primate laboratory and 45 years working and teaching in the Departments of Medicine and Psychiatry at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston.  He focuses on patients with treatment-resistant psycho­logical and medical problems.  He has given Continuing Medical Education talks throughout the United States, mostly about sleep problems.  

Reg learned a lot from patients, research and serving as product advisor for drug and medical device companies.  His research has focused on various problems, e.g., catatonia, cardiac arrhythmias, clouding of consciousness and caffeine effects. 

Current projects include finding how to use transcranial brain stimulation to relieve chronic low back pain and portraying the fractal structure of motor behavior, e.g., from Fitbit or smartphone step records.  

He teaches Information Theory, and sits on the editorial board of the journal, Menopause, the medical advisory board of Narcolepsy Network and the board of the Old West Organ Society.  

Ultimately, he would love to find a way to help people stop hurting themselves, e.g. through overindulgence in food, drink, physical inactivity or credit.  He feels grateful to good musicians, because they grant us moments of depth, meaning and fun.